Wooden and veneered facades made in Poland

Company Drewpol for 30 years of its experience in the production of facades has established itself as one of the best manufacturers in the European market
Natural colors, eco-friendly materials, modern technologies
High-quality and reliable facades from the Polish brand CMM

MDF veneered facades are the best option for those who like natural wood texture. For the manufacture of facades, a modified (decorative) veneer is used, made of low-value, fast-growing wood that imitates various textures of wood species, including exotic ones, such as rosewood, zebrawood, and ebony.

Price from 2240.55 UAH per m2

You can order veneered facades with the following coating options:

Open pore matt/glossy – veneered MDF facade is covered with matt or glossy varnish with preservation of tactile wood structure

Closed matte pore – with the help of several layers of soil, the wood pore is closed and the surface is smoothed, then a matte varnish is applied, the wood pattern remains, but the facade becomes smooth to the touch

Closed pore gloss is similar to the closed matte pore, only after priming, several layers of glossy varnish are applied, after which the facade is polished. This coating option allows achieving a smooth glossy surface while preserving the wood grain.

You can also order veneered MDF facades painted in any color from the RAL or NCS palette with an open pore, combined veneer + paint and veneer + painted glass facades.

Advantages of veneered MDF facades:

Modified veneer is free of natural effects such as stains, knots and cracks

Decorative veneer is an environmentally friendly material because it is made of natural wood.

Resistant to moisture and temperature extremes


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