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Today, exterior decoration and interior work cannot do without such a material as QSB board, the main advantage of which is resistance to all kinds of damage and high humidity. Unlike OSB boards, QSB is produced using chips rather than chips. This significantly improves the surface smoothness and density of the product. In addition, thanks to a specially developed adhesive composition, the boards can be used in wet rooms.

Price from 590 UAH per piece.

Main characteristics of QSB plates

QSB is a high-quality single-layer board with high strength. Among the main characteristics, special attention should be paid to:

  • excellent performance for a variety of mechanical fasteners;
  • perfect evenness of the edges, as well as the use of minimum dimensional tolerances;
  • due to its low impact strength and excellent homogeneity, it perfectly absorbs mechanical stress;
  • due to its high density, it is possible to carry out various processing;
  • has low moisture swelling characteristics;
  • QSB sheets are supposed to be used in agricultural and industrial premises;
  • low level of formaldehyde emission allows the material to be used for interior decoration;
  • construction of solid decks for roofing material for non-residential buildings is allowed.

The main feature of QSB boards is their production method. The material is produced by dynamic rolling rather than by pressing. This makes it possible to achieve a much higher degree of density. QSB boards differ in both sheet thickness and overall dimensions:

  • 2500х1250х10 мм;
  • 2500х1250х12 мм;
  • 2500х1250х15 мм;
  • 2500х1250х18 мм;
  • 2500х1250х22 мм;
  • 2500х1250х8 мм.

The thicker the material, the more durable it is and can be used for the frame construction of buildings.

Advantages of QSB plates

The innovative building material has many distinct advantages:

  • high density;
  • excellent fire resistance;
  • quick installation with a minimum number of fasteners;
  • ease of machining;
  • safety class is E1;
  • high moisture resistance for use in wet areas.

This material has practically no drawbacks, since the price of QSB boards is quite realistic, which indicates its affordability.

The difference between QSB and OSB boards

For the manufacture of QSB boards, wood chips are used, the size of which is much smaller than for OSB. While large chips are joined together by pressing in the production of OSB boards, QSB boards are created by evenly rolling the chips inside, using a completely different adhesive base to which a substance is added. Thanks to this, the material has unsurpassed quality characteristics. Given the high density of QSB boards, their painting does not require preliminary preparation. With their phenomenal water-repellent properties, the boards are perfect for exterior decoration of buildings.

Thanks to the perpendicular layers of wood chips, OSB boards have excellent flexibility, which allows them to process surfaces with a sufficient bending radius. The number of layers in OSB boards can reach six, and the thinnest sheets contain at least three. Therefore, the variety of applications for the material is simply amazing, from roofing and finishing works to furniture manufacturing. From all of the above, we can highlight the characteristics that significantly distinguish OSB boards from QSB:

  • material flexibility and density;
  • manufacturing technology;
  • scope of application.

Given the environmental friendliness and complete absence of harmful emissions, we can conclude that both types of boards are an ideal material that has been used in the construction industry for a long time.

The scope of QSB application

Thanks to the surface treatment with water-repellent varnish, the possibilities of using the material are truly unlimited. This structural material is actively used in the construction of cottages or interior cladding. It is often used as a base for various types of roofing materials. Due to the high density of QSB boards, they are an excellent material for shingles. Since the material lends itself well to various processing, it can be used in construction and furniture production.

Due to the successful combination of low price and excellent quality, QSB boards are in high demand. Excellent physical and mechanical properties allow the material to be used for finishing rooms with high humidity. By visiting our online resource, you can buy QSB board without leaving home and at an affordable price.


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