The combination of functionality and aesthetics – EGGER offers high-quality particleboard (DSP), medium-density fiberboard (MDF), low-density particleboard (LDSP), plastic, and edging solutions to address this challenge.
A Ukrainian manufacturer that employs certified equipment from leading German and Italian companies in the production of its goods.
SWISS KRONO is a leading manufacturer of low-density particleboard (LDSP), countertops, and the sole producer of OSB/3 in the domestic market of Ukraine.
Стільниці Львів левандівка
Kronospan is one of the world’s largest wood processing companies. It has grown from a small family sawmill established in 1897 in the Austrian town of Lungötz.
The Italian company Arpa produces high-quality moisture-resistant countertops based on E1 emission class particleboard with a durable plastic coating.
  • Postforming is a particleboard, or MDF, with its upper surface covered by high-quality HPL plastic. This technology allows protecting the standard particleboard from any damage that may occur during the use of kitchen countertops. The coating is one of the most durable types and has excellent wear resistance, scratch resistance, and resistance to fading.
  • Postforming is the most affordable type of countertops made from MDF or particleboard. HPL plastic is used as the facing material, securely bonded to the wooden surface.
  • To enhance the durability of such countertops, it is recommended to seal all unprotected areas with a sealant.

Price starting from 1435 UAH per piece.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Resistance to aggressive environments – smoke, dust, moisture, and cleaning agents. Waterproof properties allow the use of postforming even in bathrooms.
  • Resistance to mechanical abrasion, damage from sharp objects.

Thermal resistance of postforming. The coating near a quality countertop will not blister, and a hot kettle will not leave a dark circle.

  • Environmental friendliness of the material. The paper base of the plastic is safe for the health of the residents in the house.
  • A wide range of colors and textures for countertops.

Disadvantages of postforming:

  • Postforming of countertops – the impossibility of fully restoring damage. To eliminate a crack or delamination, the entire countertop needs to be replaced.
  • The application of postforming for countertops is relevant only for straight modules, as for corner sectors, it consists of two parts. They are connected with an aluminum strip or a Euro-joint. There is a possibility of water ingress into the joint, causing swelling of the particleboard beneath.

Countertop connector: Stick-in-Lock.

  • To create it, a milling machine is required. It turns out flawless only on quality equipment.
  • Well-executed edges after assembly form a surface where the gap is not visible – it exists, but its width is a fraction of a millimeter. If the coating is dark in color, it will be difficult to spot where the countertop joint is dusty.
  • The positive side of the Eurocut is the smooth surface where the joint is not visible.
  • There are also some disadvantages, but not many. To perform a cut without a connecting strip, you need perfectly even walls and correct angles. If the walls are uneven, the countertop will not connect to them, leaving a gap between it and the wall. This gap cannot be closed by adjusting its position. It will be necessary to cover it with a table plinth. If the curvature is significant, the gap will still remain, and the wall will need to be leveled.


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