Milling of plate materials

The price starts from 70 UAH per square meter.

Milling is a complex technological operation for processing workpieces of any hardness: The price for milling depends on the complexity of the order, but always corresponds to the quality of the work performed.

Particleboard is a material that has gained popularity due to its low price, strength and ease of processing. It is successfully used for the manufacture of doors, furniture, advertising structures and exhibition stands. Milling chipboard, unlike linear cutting, allows for the production of parts with complex contours, which gives constructors and designers unlimited possibilities for the realization of ideas. Laminated chipboards are used to make doors, furniture, and in interior design, while unlaminated chipboards are actively used in construction and in the manufacture of advertising elements. Modern chipboards are available in a wide range of textures and colors.

Features of chipboard milling

Insufficient elasticity of chipboard sometimes leads to crumbling during processing, which in turn does not allow the board to hold nails and screws firmly, especially when screwed in repeatedly. The same problem is encountered when milling chipboard on machines. If the cutters and speeds are not properly selected, chips may appear along the edge of the laminated chipboard. This is why the board is rejected. Compression cutters made of carbide metals with a diameter of 3 mm or more help in the fight against chips. For long-term operation of the cutter, its diameter should not exceed the thickness of the material.


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