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Kronospan is one of the world’s largest woodworking companies. It grew out of a small family-run tartar, established in 1897 in the Austrian city of Lungets
Environmentally friendly production of MDF and laminate boards. The plant is equipped with modern production equipment, has large warehouses and a network of transport communications
combining functionality and appearance – EGGER offers high-quality chipboard, MDF, chipboard, plastic and edge banding to meet this challenge

MDF is a medium-density wood-fiber board. They are environmentally friendly because lignin, a natural material that is part of wood, is used as a binder. Their properties are very close to natural wood, but they are much cheaper. It is thanks to this that MDF board has become widespread in the construction and furniture industry.

Price from 999 UAH per piece.

The main advantages of MDF boards

The popularity of this material is explained by the fact that it has a number of excellent properties.

First, as mentioned above, wood-fiber boards have similar characteristics to natural wood. At the same time, the price of MDF is much lower, which, of course, played a role.

Secondly, MDF is characterized by excellent resistance to moisture and mechanical damage, and retains its shape when exposed to temperature. This makes it a good option for making kitchen sets, as it is resistant to steam and does not swell.

In addition, the MDF panel is resistant to various microorganisms, which eliminates the possibility of fungus. Thanks to this, the furniture made of it is hygienic and absolutely safe.

MDF boards also stand out:

  • good durability (which allows you to securely fasten the hardware);
  • practicality;
  • long service life;
  • high surface quality (achieved through careful grinding);
  • good sound insulation;
  • versatility in use (various decors can be applied to the surface to make it aesthetically pleasing and original).

In addition, they are very easy to process, easy to paint, laminate and have excellent thermal insulation properties. Thanks to this list of advantages, MDF boards have become widespread. In particular, they are used for manufacturing:

  • home and office furniture;
  • facades;
  • countertops;
  • commercial equipment;
  • finishing materials;
  • doors.

In addition, they are used in the construction industry, including for finishing wall panels and ceilings.

Main types of MDF boards: what to choose?

What kind of MDF can be bought in Ukraine today? There are 3 board options to choose from:

  1. Laminated with a special film that can be of different colors or imitate any material (wood, stone). They are characterized by resistance to damage and dirt. They are the cheapest.
  2. Veneered with thin slices of natural wood of different species. They are considered the most expensive option.
  3. They are painted with special paints that are resistant to external influences. The result is glossy boards that are widely used in the furniture industry. It has an average cost (more expensive than laminated and cheaper than veneered counterparts).

There are also panels that do not have a decorative coating. As a rule, they are used in the production of economy class furniture.

Wide range of MDF boards

Are you planning to buy an MDF panel in Lviv? Then study the catalog and choose the right materials. The catalog contains various products that differ in size and characteristics, so there will always be plenty to choose from.

All the necessary information (photos, properties, price per MDF sheet) is indicated here – this will help you navigate faster and make a final decision.

You can order building materials from any city in Ukraine, as we sell throughout the country. If necessary, you can always consult with a manager by phone – for example, if you want to ask a question or clarify whether there are MDF panels of a certain grade in stock.


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