Laminated Particleboard (LDPB)

The combination of functionality and aesthetics – EGGER offers high-quality Particleboard (DSP), Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), Low-Density Particleboard (LDSP), plastic, and edging to address this challenge.
Kronospan is one of the world’s largest wood processing companies. It grew from a small family sawmill established in 1897 in the Austrian town of Lungötz.
The company specializes in the production of sanded and laminated particleboards under its own brand ‘Swisspan by Sorbes.
“SWISS KRONO is a leading manufacturer of Particleboard (LDSP), countertops, and the sole producer of OSB/3 in the domestic market of Ukraine.

Price starting from 1322 UAH per piece.

Particleboard (DSP) is a practical and economical material. It is relatively inexpensive and therefore is most commonly found in furniture.

Particleboard (DSP) is manufactured through the method of hot flat pressing of wood particles (chips), mixed with a substance, mainly adhesive resins. Any low-cost wood, both coniferous and deciduous species, can serve as a full-fledged raw material for DSP. The operational properties of DSP primarily depend on their density, the shape and size of wood particles, as well as the quantity and quality of the binding adhesive.
Today, the Ukrainian market offers a variety of laminated panels with diverse decors, textures, and imitations of fabric, leather, and metal from manufacturers such as:
Kronospan (Ukraine), SwissKrono (Ukraine), Swisspan (Ukraine), Cleaf (Italy), Egger (Austria), Skin (Italy), Saviola (Italy), Alvic (Spain).

They all offer a wide range of decors, so with the assistance of a technologist and designer, one can create an original, interesting, and stylish product of any complexity. Wardrobes, closets, living rooms, children’s rooms, hotels are most commonly furnished with Particleboard (DSP) material.

All the mentioned Particleboard (DSP) manufacturers, including Egger, Kronospan, SwissKrono, Swisspan, Cleaf, Saviola, Skin, Fenix, Alvic, adhere to the same international production standard. Therefore, myths about harmfulness, resin, and formaldehyde do not apply here. Recognized manufacturers of board materials prioritize their image, international standards, and the end consumer. Their products comply with European emission standards E1. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the environmental friendliness of materials from reputable manufacturers.


  • It is the most budget-friendly option among all possibilities.
  • Extensive selection of decors.
  • Impact-resistant ABS edging on the edges of Particleboard (DSP) panels protects the core elements from chipping and scratches.

Cons: Not recommended for use in high humidity environments.


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