Edging with EVA and PUR adhesives

The price starts from 16 UAH per cubic meter.

Chipboard edging is a service of gluing the ends of parts made of board materials with a polymer edge. This is done for several purposes: the edge closes the end, making the internal structure and the cavities in it inaccessible to moisture, dust, and dirt from the external environment. Thus, the edged part is more resistant to adverse influences, which in turn means a longer service life of the furniture. In addition, the edge enhances the decorative appearance, making the finished furniture look more complete and attractive.

Types and methods of edging

Our company offers linear and curved edging services.

Linear edgebanding of chipboard can vary greatly in cost and/or result, depending on the edgebander and adhesive used. You can order from us:

  • PVC edging is a standard service for edging board materials with a PVC edge.
  • Using PUR glue – polyurethane glue is the default edge banding for facade MDF boards; Using PUR glue offers certain advantages: invisible glue seam, resistance to humidity, temperature fluctuations, and higher strength than conventional glue.
  • Plastic edging is the processing of tabletop ends.
  • Straight-line gluing of chipboard is carried out on a Homag gluing machine.
  • The curved edging service (radii and corners) is carried out using a curved edge machine. Manual trimming is performed if it is necessary to close U-shaped cuts in the board with the edge.

The price of chipboard edging depends on several factors: the method, the complexity (manual work will be more expensive) and the length of the edges to be processed in running meters.


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