Decorative MDF Panels.

The company AGT produces high-quality materials characterized by impeccable surface quality, beveled edges, and balanced form.
A Turkish brand that manufactures high-quality panel materials, laminate, and many other products. It is known for the quality and durability of its products.
Ukrainian manufacturer that uses certified equipment from leading German and Italian companies for the production of its products.
The company Niemann supplies materials of the highest quality, which is why it has gained such widespread use in furniture manufacturing.
The products from this manufacturer are characterized by high strength and quality. During use, the products do not emit any odors.
Manufacturer of furniture facades. The factory is equipped with modern UNIMAK and BIESSE brand equipment. The production is in accordance with EU requirements.
The company produces innovative materials for furniture and decor manufacturing.

MDF panels have the widest range of colors, facilitating the realization of various design fantasies. MDF boards are a unique material with an impeccable surface structure and excellent processing quality.

Price starting from 6,070 UAH per piece.

Декоративні плити мдф Львів

Advantages of MDF panels:

  • Deep and rich colors;
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Exceptional surface quality;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Durability of materials;

MDF panels are trendy collections of modern and stylish decor for residential or office spaces, emphasizing the advantages of any interior.


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