Countertops made of artificial stone

Acrylic stone HI-MACS ® has gained wide popularity around the world as a finishing material used for cladding and manufacturing various products.
Artificial acrylic stone Grandex (Tristone) is a beautiful finishing material. This stone is practical and resistant to mechanical damage.
Artificial stone Staron is a modern material consisting of acrylic resins with the addition of pigments and natural minerals.
Always modern, very practical and easy to care for – CORIAN® is the perfect material for the home.
Concrete is a premium quartz stone, the main purpose of which is kitchen countertops
High-quality quartz stone (quartz agglomerate) is created on modern technological lines.
Laminam is a porcelain tile with the richest decorative possibilities. Laminam allows designers to create complex and original solutions
Engineering stone Dekton – is a revolutionary product that embodies a new concept in the world of design and architecture.
Silestone quartz stone is an extremely practical material that is ideal for products with increased strength requirements

The kitchen is our favorite place for home tea parties and fun gatherings with friends. It is in the kitchen, at the kitchen table, that communication is less formal, warmer and more sincere. That’s why we want every detail of this room to look aesthetically pleasing and convenient to use. One of the main positions in the kitchen is occupied by kitchen countertops. Artificial stone countertops – high-quality, reliable and attractive – will decorate any kitchen.

The price starts from UAH 16,000 per square meter.

The consumer qualities of countertops made of artificial stone are so high that they successfully compete with those made of natural stone and even surpass them in a number of indicators.

Стільниці зі штучного каменю Львів Левандівка

Countertops made of artificial stone are pleasing in their strength and durability. They are resistant to mechanical damage, chemical and temperature effects. The secret of this lies in the composition of the material from which they are made. The composition of quartz stone includes 93% of crushed quartz, one of the hardest minerals. In the production of acrylic stone, minerals and resins with high strength characteristics are used.

You should not be afraid that the countertop, even if it is snow-white, will have stains from coffee, black currants or red wine. Unlike many natural stones, especially marble, artificial stone is not afraid of colored liquids or acids.

The environmental safety and hygiene of artificial stone is confirmed by international certificates. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that the countertop will not be a source of substances harmful to our health. The conclusions of the hygienic examination allow the countertop to come into contact with food.

Artificial stone countertops do not absorb grease, odors and moisture. The material has the smallest pores, so dirt does not eat into the surface, bacteria and germs do not accumulate on it.

It is very easy to care for such countertops – you just need to wipe them with a damp sponge or cloth and wash them with soapy water from time to time. A nice shiny glossy surface will always look like new.

You can choose the color and shape of an artificial stone countertop to your liking. They are so diverse that no other material can compare with them. The color palette of artificial stone contains a rich range of shades – calm pastels, pure natural, deep saturated. Inclusions of different sizes, shapes and intensities create impressive patterns – from the structure of natural stones to space rocks.

Designers are very fond of using artificial stone in their projects because it gives them great opportunities. By combining materials of different colors, they create interesting stylish designs. The countertop can be decorated with a beautiful edge, and acrylic stone also allows you to make the contours of the countertop with smooth curves.

Artificial stone countertops with a built-in sink are functional and convenient. The sink can also be made of artificial stone, so the whole set will look very organic. The seamless connection between the countertop and the sink has the advantage that dirt does not clog the seams.


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