About Us

The company Devs was founded more than 20 years ago. Our main goal is to sell high-quality materials to both end consumers and furniture manufacturing businesses. Despite Russian aggression, our company continues to operate steadily and provide customers with quality materials and processing services.

ДЕВС продаж дсп, мдф, хдф, стільниці порізка та поклейка у Львові Левандівка


Our company provides delivery of any product throughout Ukraine using delivery services.

Delivery of orders within the city of Lviv.
  • Self-pickup at 2 Hnizdovskoho Street.
  • Paid delivery within the city (the cost is discussed with the manager over the phone).
  • Product delivery occurs within 2 business days from the moment of order confirmation through an SMS notification or with the delivery manager.
  • All delivery terms and times, as well as self-pickup times and the possibility of urgent delivery, are coordinated with the delivery manager.

Delivery of orders throughout Ukraine.
  • The shipment of the goods is made within 2 business days from the moment you receive an SMS notification about the readiness of your order. The delivery time of the order depends on the transportation company.
  • Orders are delivered using transportation companies throughout Ukraine, excluding the temporarily occupied territories of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions and the temporarily occupied Crimea.
  • On average, delivery takes 2-5 days.
  • The cost of delivery for each location may vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the shipment. The delivery manager will provide you with the exact delivery cost.
  • To receive your order, you need to have a document with you (passport, student ID, or driver’s license).

* Sometimes, there may be issues with transportation companies, and you may not be timely informed about the arrival of your order. In such cases, we recommend calling us to address the issue.


Cash payment for orders.

Cash payment is possible when picking up the goods. As proof of payment, we provide a sales receipt.

Online payment on the website of the online store.

For orders placed through the online store’s manager, online payment is possible using the following services:

  • Visa/Mastercard payment cards.
  • Masterpass digital wallet.
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Non-cash payment by individuals.

Payment can be made at the nearest branch of any bank. Our online store manager will provide you with our banking details.

The order will be delivered after the funds have been received in our account. Along with the goods, you will receive a complete set of accompanying documents for the order (invoice, waybill, etc.).

Non-cash payment by legal entities.

When placing an order for legal entities, you need to provide your details (tax identification number, organization name, legal address, VAT registration certificate). An invoice will be sent to you. The order will be processed after the funds have been received in our account. Along with the goods, the necessary set of documents for the order will be provided (invoice, expense receipt, etc.).


Feel free to contact us through any convenient method for you; all the contacts are up-to-date, and we are always in touch.


City Lviv, Street Hnizdovskoho 2.

Feedback form.

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